Veritas Values

At Veritas, we have a unique set of values that set us apart. All our employees—from our receptionist to our executive team, and even our founder—are required to follow these values. Furthermore, we uniquely partner with vendors who commit to following these values as well. Our Veritas Values are what we believe set Veritas apart from our competition.

 Our Veritas Values are as follows:






“The truth will set you free” is a motto we live by. At Veritas Global Protection, we believe in transparency and honesty. This means that we don’t lie—we tell the truth, even if the truth is difficult or complicated. And we don’t just tell a part of it—we tell the whole truth. Despite our drive for perfection, we know that no one is perfect. And when we make a mistake, we admit it—not cover it up. We believe honest, detailed, and effective communication with our partners sets us apart and lets our partners know that when we make a commitment, we stick with it.


We believe in responding—at all levels. This means that when we commit to giving someone an answer, we answer within the time we agreed to. It also means we answer our phones when called, and we get things done the fastest we possibly can. While many of our competitors make their partners experience a maze of voicemails and e-mails, we believe in getting back to people ASAP.





In the extremely competitive market that we are in, we believe one of the key ingredients to success is to constantly innovate. At Veritas Global, we are never content with the status quo. We are constantly innovating, growing, refining, and making positive changes within our organization and our product offerings and refining our processes so we can better serve our partners and make their lives easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

We Listen

Our partners are the baseline of our business. As people out every day in the marketplace, we take every single idea that our partners tell us under consideration—we don’t just “toss it in a pile.” This unique approach is what has fueled our amazing growth and, we believe, is what will continue our growth.




Sustainability and Stability

While innovation and listening to our partners are at the core of what we do, we also realize that having products that are actuarially sound and sustainable is important. While we consider all risks, it is our goal to provide solutions that are not only marketable but will not put our organization or our insurance partners in any position of having an unstainable program or product.

Global Thinking

We live in a global society and are global citizens. At Veritas Global Protection, we truly value this, and we believe that the more places we offer our services in, the more we learn and can continue to innovate and create products that fuel our partners’ growth everywhere. While many companies tend to just think about how to grow their market share domestically, at Veritas Global, we focus on the entire globe.






Service is at the core of everything we do. From the person who answers a claims call to our client support team, and even our Executive Team, we wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have happy customers and partners. We truly take service to heart in everything we do.

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