Veritas Global: Our Story

The predecessor of Veritas Global Protection was founded in2011 by Elijah Norton with just two employees and a vision to disrupt and innovate an industry that our founder saw as being stale and lacking good service and innovative solutions, especially in markets across the globe.

With this philosophy in mind, over the next 8 years, we have grown from our humble beginnings into a company that employs over 50 people and generates over $100,000,000 per year in annual revenue. We have paid millions of dollars in claims and have serviced thousands of customers per year.

The key factor that has fueled our rapid growth is our constant drive to innovate and create new and innovative plans and solutions for our customers and clients. It is this commitment and drive that has earned Veritas some of the largest dealer groups and clients in the world as partners.

Furthermore, our unparalleled commitment to innovation, as well as customer, dealer, and client service, is what has given our partners the confidence to continue to sell our products and expand their partnerships with us.

In 2019, expanding beyond our presence in North America, we decided to be a truly global company, and we kicked off our global expansion efforts, expanding into Central America, and South America. In partnership with our European partner, WAGAS, we have now entered the emerging Latin American market and pride ourselves on being able to bring our Veritas values and offer new, innovative solutions to what we believe is an underserved market. We hope in the coming years to expand into even more markets, which will only help grow our cultural understanding of the protection product marketplace.

Veritas prides itself on being a disruptor to the Canadian protection plan marketplace – and offering some of the most innovative and competitive protection plans to Canadian dealers and customers.

At Veritas, our mission and our company slogan are the same wherever we go: it is our goal to offer our customers and clients Peace of Mind, Worldwide.

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